May 1, 2014, Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, St. Petersburg, FL

 “JFLEX Technology Production Results” Jim Shoup, Hennecke

Hennecke JFLEX foaming technology was presented at the 2013 Fall PFA meeting. Since this meeting, the first production JFLEX plant has been installed and is operational. The results of the foam production and status of the plant will be presented in this paper. Observations and data demonstrate that resulting foam production have been very good. The novel JFLEX technology laydown method produces pin hole free foam as entrained air is able to escape prior to the foam starting to react. The technology also performs well with higher viscosity chemicals. Data and production samples demonstrate processability of Visco polyols, Graft polyols and MDI. The color distribution is excellent and uniform and color changes are very short as compared to a traditional trough machine. The cell size will be shown to be very fine and controllable.

 “Flexible Polyurethane Flammability Performance and Sustainability Technologies” Mike Goode, ICL-IP America

Recently, flame retardants have been much maligned and the subject of what seems endless public debate. “Flexible Polyurethane Flammability Performance and Sustainability” provides a look at the recent development and evolution of flame retardants for flexible polyurethane from longstanding commodity products to newer products with improved sustainability profiles. This paper will introduce these new more sustainable flame retardants by benchmarking their flame retardant efficacy versus the antiquated commodity products and highlight their more sustainable characteristics and attributes.