October 6, 2005 PFA Technical Program, Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina

 "FlatPack™ Foam Bun Compression System" Bill Blackwell, Beamech Group Ltd.

Abstract: The cost of foam bun transport and storage has a serious impact on the final sales cost of the foam bun to the converter.  In addition, foamers are continuously looking at transporting products over greater distances including overseas transit.
This paper describes a process that can be used to compress and wrap full sized foam buns to allow significant reductions in both transport and storage costs.

 "Low Odor Non-fugitive Amine Catalysts" Ladislau Heisler, GE Advanced Materials

Abstract: For more than a decade there has been a need for more effective non-fugitive amine catalysts. The drivers are well known: government regulations, health and safety standards and demands from the automotive industry.  This paper describes two non-fugitive tertiary amine catalysts that offer improved performance. NIAX EF-600 is a candidate to replace standard gel amines like Niax Catalyst A-33.  And Niax Catalyst EF-700 is a blow amine that can be used in place of Niax Catalyst A-1. The paper reports fugitivity measurements by GCMS headspace analysis of foam.

 "New Flame-Retardants For Flexible Polyurethane Foams" Ted Halchak, Supresta US LLC

Abstract: New flame retardants for flexible polyurethane foams that are introduced to the market must meet a number of environmental and health criteria and at the same time be cost efficient. A number of alternatives to pentabrominated diphenyl oxide have been designed and successfully commercialized. Development of new flame retardant solutions for polyether and polyester flexible polyurethane foams is an ongoing process, addressing market needs. This paper compares the performance of E-AF120, a new FR solution, to that of E-AF074, which is a halogen-free product.

 "A New Highly Sophisticated Silicone Surfactant For Flame Retarded FPF" Roland Hubel, Degussa

Abstract: This paper discusses the dependency of the chemical structure of universal and FR-surfactants and their contribution to flammability, as well as other performance characteristics, and introduces a highly sophisticated surfactant capable of providing optimal FR-properties while maintaining the advantages of conventional and universal surfactant products in flexible polyurethane foam applications.

  "Reduced VOC And Fog Emissions In Flame Retardant Automotive Foams" Hoover Chew, Albemarle

Abstract: This paper reviews the fogging and VOC characteristics, along with the flammability performance, of ANTIBLAZE TL-10-ST, a thermally stable, high molecular weight flame retardant with exceptionally low fugitive emissions, and compares characteristics to various commercially available flame retardant additives for flexible polyurethane foam.

 "Formulating Efficiencies For Flexible Slabstock Polyurethane Foam" Jane Kniss, Air Products & Chemicals

Abstract: This paper reports on a new surfactant that processes well across a wide range of foam densities and firmnesses, provides good nucleation, a high degree of emulsification, excellent froth stability, and good bulk stability. Discussion emphasizes the advantages related to processing very low density, low hardness, and low density FR foam grades.

 "FlatCon Slabstock Conveyor System" Jim Shoup, Hennecke Machinery, Bayer MaterialScience

Abstract: The paper presents measured yield improvements for the FlatCon version conveyer system, a processing system that was designed to replace existing conveyors while keeping the existing portal and out-feed systems including the cut-off saw.