Call for Papers

March 7 is the deadline for submitting technical presentation requests and abstracts for the
May 1, 2014 PFA Technical Program. The conference will be held at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL.

PFA welcomes technical papers summarizing recent research and commercial product developments related to the processing of flexible polyurethane foam, innovations in formulation, and foam production technology.  The Association also encourages papers on product sustainability and environmental issues that may affect flexible polyurethane foam production or specification.

Papers must have a non-sales focus and specifically address topics related to slabstock or molded flexible polyurethane foam production in the Americas. Abstracts will be reviewed prior to acceptance.

A maximum of eight presentations, each 30 minutes in length, will be selected for the May 1 program. Please submit a short summary (abstract) of the intended content with your request to make a presentation. Please send your request with abstract no later than March 7, 2014 to Bob Luedeka (

Based on a program that includes at least 6 technical papers, the presentations will be scored to compete for a $500 Technical Excellence Award provided by the Herman Stone Family Endowment.

Those submitting abstracts agree to provide a written paper and slide file in addition to making a presentation during the May 1, 2014 Technical Program at the Vinoy Hotel. Discounted rooms will be available for reservation beginning March 15, 2014.

PFA Industry Issues Session April 30, 2014
General Business Meeting & Technical Program - May 1, 2014