TDI Fact Sheet

What is TDI?
TDI, or toluene diisocyanate, is a key raw material used to produce flexible polyurethane foam.The TDI is consumed in the chemical reaction that creates polyurethane and is not released from the finished polyurethane foam into the air.
Flexible polyurethane foam is used in furniture cushions and other common household applications.

Can TDI be handled and used safely?
Yes, when used in accordance with current regulations and industry practices, TDI can be used safely. Engineering controls, personal protective equipment, and long-established workplace practices are widely used throughout the industry to protect workers and the public.

What does the presence of TDI antibodies mean?
The presence of TDI antibodies does not necessarily indicate an adverse health effect, nor does it necessarily mean you have been exposed to TDI. The test for TDI antibodies is neither simple nor completely accurate. Some individuals test positive regardless of whether they have been exposed to TDI or not. Additional testing would be required to determine if the positive reading was actually the result of TDI exposure.

The TDI antibody test is not time-sensitive. The presence of TDI antibodies may mean you were exposed to TDI, but it does not tell us when that exposure took place.