Facts on Flammability

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Because of the many, often unpredictable, interactions between filling materials and fabric covers, testing of composites is preferable. The best known and most familiar test is the British Standard BS5852 which involves two parts. Part one is a mockup smoldering ignition test and a small open flame short ignition time test. The small butane burner used in this test is the same device used in current efforts by the CPSC for determining ignition behavior of fabrics.

Part 2 of the British Standard describes two butane burner ignition tests using larger flames applied for a longer time. Part 2 also describes 4 wood crib exposure tests varying in size of the wood crib depending on the end use application for the product. The protocol for residential furniture using polyurethane foam as the filling material is the Crib 5 test with larger ignition sources (Crib 6 and Crib 7) reserved for higher risk applications.