facts on flammability

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Our goal is to have any test relate as close as possible to the real life challenge of an actual fire. As we have seen, this is difficult due to the number of variables that must be accounted for.

In practice we have two different objectives for conducting tests. We perform qualification tests to determine if a construction is fit for application. These tests tend to be complex, time consuming and costly. Qualification tests may be highly sophisticated and require special facilities and instrumentation.

It is not practical to perform such elaborate tests for all possible combinations of filling and fabric materials. It is therefore necessary that quality control tests be available that can be performed at the manufacturing site on a small scale.

A further consideration in development or selection of a test method is whether to test performance of components of a piece (even though as we know in furniture neither the foam nor the fabric is ever used alone) or to test the composite structure as would be found in real life.